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The Active Insights teams provides strategic business consulting services.
Tanya Stohler is a business consultant at Active Insights.

Tanya Stohler

 Strategist, Founder, Process Guru & Communications Expert

Tanya is experienced in growing ideas, building teams, managing change, and coaching leadership to results. When founding Active Insights, her vision was to create an environment where growing businesses could access the tools and information needed to gain exponential growth.

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Throughout her career, she has had a passion for developing plans and processes with solid implementation and goal benchmarking. By drawing on her breadth of knowledge across a variety of industries and a rare combination of business, legal, communications, and technology experience, she uniquely qualified to understand the issues that prevent businesses from realizing the growth and outcomes they wish to achieve.

She recognizes that every business has a tendency to believe they are unique, but her experience has also taught her that successful businesses have more in common than they think. She believes that harnessing the common effective processes and pairing that with a unique offering is what creates sustainable success.

Active Insights provides outsourced business consulting services.

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Simply put? We love problem-solving. Our team thrives on simple innovations that provide big impact. We’re all about breaking a problem down piece-by-piece and finding the best solution.

Luckily, we are able to combine that passion with another love – helping businesses succeed. The result? A win-win. We’re just as invested in finding solutions as our clients. Oh, and we like to have a whole lot of fun getting it done together, too!

We offer strategic planning consulting services.
Active Insights can help improve your sales process.

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